iPad Pro Mini release date and updates: New Pro Mini Tablet expected to launch next month

Published On 04-May-2017

The new things are definitely coming next month (June) and one of this may be the Apple's iPad Pro successor. Besides this iPad Pro 2, there are also some other things that makes the professionals excited for this upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference 2017 event that would be held in New York City, such as the iPad Pro Mini.

On the earlier reports, the technology enthusiasts as well as the professionals recommends that the expected Apple iPad Pro 2 will come in 3 different sizes, a 9.7 inches tab, 10.5 inches tab and also the 12.9 inches model.

The 9.7 inches model is somehow claimed by few rumors to be the new iPad Pro Mini and not involved in the iPad Pro 2 series, which is initially speculated.

The 9.7 inches mini pro tablet, or the Apple iPad Pro mini, will come along with the latest advanced features, such as the powerful processor chip, modernized pen and many others.

As per the sources, these advancements that come along with the iPad Pro 2 are also expected in the iPad Pro Mini.

These advancements include renovated Apple Pencil as well as faster display technology. The Pro compatibility feature along with the Apple Pencil is the recovering of the stylus pen considering more built-in apps from Safari to iMessage and together with the TrueTone display, the iPad Pro Mini as well as other upcoming Pro devices would feature a smoother system to pan and to zoom as well.

The iPad Pro Mini would also features a powerful processor chip. As per the sources, Apple will utilzue the latest as well as faster A10 chip in the latest Pro tablets.

As these devices are pro, we presume from these devices a powerful performance and also good storage capacity, minimum of 512GB storage may be installed in these gadgets.

If we talk about price, the Apple iPad Pro Mini is expected to be available at almost $600 USD, other larger Pro tablets would be available ranging from $700 to $800 USD.

But, more changes in these approximated prices might change after the launching of the device. 

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