iPad Pro 2017 Release Date, Latest News and updates

Published On 15-March-2017

Apple is expected to launch its latest series of iPad Pros as early as next week however the guess is on as to how many tablets would be launched.

Almost three tablets are expected to be launched, the 9.7 inches, 10.5 inches and the 12.9 inches iPad Pro versions.

Now, the analytics firm named Firksu stated that there are four iPad Pro devices that cropped up in their journals.

These are the tablets utilized to test the applications running on iOS 10.3 beta and initial builds of iOS 11, 9 to 5 Mac reported.

These four tablets were identified as iPad 7.1, iPad 7.2, iPad 7.3 and iPad 7.4.

Do the 4 iPads mean anything?

It is pertinent to mention here that the suspected four iPad Pros could also mean nothing. For the ones following the recent news on Apples upcoming tablets, there is a 7.9-inch being recommended in the mix.

The smaller tablet is being prepared to be a possible substitute to the iPad Mini 4, a progressive miniature tablet that might come along with the Apple Pencil support and possibly a Smart Keyboard accessory as well, Slash Gear reported.

Now for quiet sometime, there is strong belief that Apple will modernize its iPads, suggesting that the iPad Air as well as the iPad Mini-series would be integrated instead. These are more of rumors with the Cupertino Company choosing to keep things under cover.

iPad Pro 10.5 could be delayed

The recommended iPad Pro of the mix is expected to be the 10.5 inches version. It will reportedly contain better display screen resolution as compared to the Retina displays, come along with four microphones, and armed along with the quad speakers.

The only issue here is that these iPad Pro models here is that these iPad Pro models are not expected till the end of 2017.

That goes against the rumor that the iPad Pro 2017 versions are expected to be launched between March 20th to 24th, Mac Rumors reported.

There is also a possibility that Apple might launch only few tablets, possibly the 9.7 inches and 12.9 inches versions.

In spite of this fact that how many tablets are coming out, the tablet purchasers just want to see a refreshed version and then worry about its size.

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