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XTOUCH is a Private Company which is established in Dubai. This Company is basically known for its spectacular Productions. XTOUCH introduces many kinds of products in the market. The products of XTOUCH include GPS Tablets, Smartphones, Tablet PC’s, Android Televisions and other Accessories.

The first Tablet Pc which is introduced by XTOUCH is G701 . G701 became famous due to its stupendous specifications. G701 Tablet contains a 7” touchscreen display and it works with the resolution of 800 x 400 Pixels. There are many facilities provided for the user in G701. The user can change the language of the tablet according to its predilection. Different languages like Arabic, English, Chinese, and French etc. are provided in G701 to facilitate the user. Its storage capacity is about 8GB. Adapter or the USB Cable is provided with the Tablet for charging process. It contains the camera of 0.3 Mega Pixel for video calling. It provides the entertainment to the users by supporting MP3 and MP4 Player. Tablet G701 can also be used in the business field because it also provide the facility of using Word, Excel, Power point, Google, Yahoo etc.

XTOUCH also introduces different kinds of Smart Phones in the Market. The Smart phones of the brand XTOUCH include X401, X405, X406, X508, X509 etc. XTOUCH introduces many tablets in the market like X708, X808, X716S, X707S, X906 and many more. The newer launch of XTOUCH X907 is becoming more popular nowadays in the market of the world. X907 is well known for its advanced WI-FI technology. This Tablet PC is lustrous in every sense. X907 stake the operating system of Android (Android 4.1). The Graphic performance of X907 is sophisticated than the other Tablet PC’s. The size of the Screen of this stupendous Tablet Pc is 9.7” and bolsters the resolution of 1024 x 768 Pixels. The functions of X907 are much congruous to the functions of G701. This Tablet PC comprehends the camera of 0.3 Mega Pixel for video calling and 2.0 Mega Pixel Camera for capturing pictures. XTOUCH is becoming the popular brand due to its marvelous productions.

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