Intel Introduces 4th Generation Core i7 Processors in Pakistan

Published On 01-July-2013

A day before Intel has announced 4th generation Processor of Core Family, it bring fully enhanced CPU performance and its graphics up to the double which signify the new experience. Intel Core Vpro Processor coming in ultrabooks, desktop and also in tablets these all devices is the best for business. It is coming with embedded security and Built-in peace of mind features. Keen users who want acceleration, symmetry, smoothness and continuity in their professional work and business work then he has an options in computers, notebooks and in tablet those are amazing devices for graphics designers, architectures software engineers. Now it’s a good time for computer, notebook and tablets users to enhance their old devices.

Its processor is particularly designed in order to ultra-low-power so this processor works under low watts, by this 4th generation saves energy through this battery becomes long life. Whatever laptop you may use, this processor is bound to give your laptop long batter life whether its a Dell laptop or any kind of Acer laptops in Pakistan, means this generation of devices are improved in battery matter and performs more fast and quick. Along with CPU is not only but also graphics are going improved up to double.

Intel Core Vpro Processor coming with more peace of mind. All its laptops and tablets would be touch-enabled, through crystal display we can play games with built in natural touch and motion interactivity and watch movies on speed mode in low power.

Intel is still working on processors for laptops and computers with some slight efforts in the mobile world. Hopefully soon Intel will be able to launch dependable technology for mobiles and tablet PCs.

Ultrabooks has an advance feature through that we can perform actions by our voice command we can control systems simultaneously, Ultrabooks takes less time to wake in less than 3 seconds even dozens of programs running during that. This computer goes much faster, offering instant response and which people want.

Ultrabooks works smashingly for internet also like, social media email, google chat, skype video conference etc these all happens with its built in browsers and other internet helping tools. Intel Core vPro processors 4th generation moreover best for security and increases the productivity of business. 

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