A new tablet which you can unlock with your palm

Published On 20-April-2017

Fujitsu has released another clench of products which are mainly targeted at business consumers, comprising of a new Windows tablet, accompanied by the refreshed LifeBook and Esprimo offerings (notebook and desktop personal computers respectively) which features Kaby Lake processors along with the lightest mobile thin client of the world (fundamentally, a cut-down laptop which taps into a distant server to get its computing power).

The significant model is the Arrows Tab Q507/P-SP which is a 10.1 inches Windows tablet, and it is the first tablet in the world which utilizes the slide-style palm vein authentication by Fujitsu.

To unlock this device, the thing you are only required to do is slide your hand alongside the touchscreen and the palm vein sensor will then do its work. Fujitsu is pretty proud of having merged this technology into what is a slim as well as compact tablet, which is a water as well as dust proof (along with its exact IP rating to be confirmed).

As stated, the LifeBook series of laptops as well as Esprimo desktops have seen some action along with the addition of one and two latest versions respectively.

The new LifeBook S937/P is a 13.3 inches ‘ultra-mobile’ notebook which utilizes a Kaby Lake CPU, and innovative Esprimo offerings are the D587/R standard desktop model and ultra-small form factor Q556/R, both of which also utilize the Kaby Lake.

Beefy workstation

Fujitsu has furthermore revealed a new mobile workstation, the Celsius H970, which provides a 17.3 inches Full High Definition display as well as the choice of a Kaby Lake processor or Intel Xeon E3-1500 v6, assisted along with an Nvidia Quadro P4000 graphics card.

And lastly, the company has also unvielied a latest 13.3 inches mobile thin client, along with the Futro MU937 claiming to be the lightest such device in the world having the weight of only 799g, and thickness of almost 15mm.

In spite of its slender lines, the MU937 has passed what Fujitsu defines as ‘strict’ durability and drop testing, and also it comes along with a fingerprint sensor that can optionally be upgraded to the palm vein sensor of Fujitsu.

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