Buy Apple iPads in Islamabad

Apple iPad Mini 2

  • Storage: 16GB
  • CPU: Dual core 1.3 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Camera: 5
  • Screen Size: 7.9 inch
  • Operating System: iOS
Rs. 28,990

Apple iPad Air 2

  • Storage: 16GB
  • CPU: Dual-core
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Camera: 8
  • Screen Size: 9.7 inch
  • Operating System: iOS
Rs. 43,990

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Buy Apple iPads in Islamabad

Apple Ipad are the latest generation of tables of Apple brand which powered by Intel Core processors. This brand has a name and people of Islamabad trust on this brand because of its performance and quality therefore demand for Apple ipad is high in this market and all models are available every time in related markets of Capital of Pakistan, when Apple launces any model of tablet it comes quickly as soon as possible in different markets of tablets of Islamabad city through this people gets easily new models of this brand ipads because people of this city want to update and use new technology now a days because now it become need of specially for students and those who want connect their clients online anywhere.

Apple ipad has improved all things of previous mobile devices and comes in new features and the main thing is that it has operation system like PCs and laptops systems, we can get in cheaper price, I mean all features like PCs and laptops but available in low price this element becomes more demanding not only all over the world but also in Islamabad Pakistan, in Pakistan tablet industry can collect the revenue for county as well better for Islamabad, that is why tablets are going up everywhere. It has dual processor power, dual camera HD for both video and still, GSM and 3G/4G services and it comes with lots of applications except this if user want to install his desire application or software he can get free from apps store which Apple's own application service provides. 

This brand come in categories like 3rd generation, 4th generation now all Apple tabs are coming in 5th generation with advance fractures and specification with advance technology. In this series all tabs are launching by Apple with high graphics and enhancing specialties. These tabs are helpful for drafting, AutoCAD, 3d graphics and gaming experts etc. User can easily read and create heavy graphical catalogues, PDF files, advance 3d presentations from MS power point.


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