Pool Billiards Pro

Updated On: 23/07/2015 Install

Welcome to the Pool Billiards Pro for Android based devices. Object of the game is to pocket balls to assigned colors or full and half piece. A Player is called winner who clears and covers the pocket along with assign color or piece of ball. But in single mode of pool we can play without rules. Gameplay is easy player just on touch screen can adjust and makes direction to hit the ball for pocket by dragging down or up and this challenge player has to done in limited time but in practice mode there is no time required to play.

Game Features:


Chat and poke the player who is playing against you.
Pool Billiards Pro looks real in 3D ball animation.
Game play loos more easily on touch screen.
This game has 4 mode like single, double player and practice mode for both 8 and 9 Ball Pool

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