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China: Apple products not banned from government purchases

20 August 2014: It has been revealed that previous report which says that Chinese Government had banned its workers from using the products of Apple Inc which is not completely correct.

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Intel’s first Broadwell chips coming to tabl...

19 August 2014: Intel has planned to expose the first processors named as “Broadwell” architecture which is based on its 14 Nanometer in the last of year 2014.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2013) review

18 August 2014: This tab is the second generation of Kindle Paperwhite, which Amazon has released last year. We liked the first version for its touchscreen features

Verizon scores an exclusive Xperia Z2 Tablet...

15 August 2014: The impressive Xperia Z2 tablet by Sony is finally getting hold on 4G LTE dealing in United States almost after the half year when the device was previously announced.

With the less production of mobile phones, t...

13 August 2014: The increase in the production of tablets is running to some extent because of the production of smaller inexpensive alternatives to iPad.

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