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Android L release date, news and features

25 July 2014: An amazing step from Google, the giant for Android operating system has introduced its new version of Android which is known as "Android-L" or "L Developer Preview".

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So long Aperture and iPhoto, Apple is replac...

24 July 2014: A representative of Apple in a report has confirmed that the company is going to finish the development of Aperture and iPhoto, and as a replacement it moves to OS X Yosmite.

Updated Google Play Services 5.0 rolls out t...

23 July 2014: Google has launched its Google play services 5.0, which is now developing to the devices internationally.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

22 July 2014: Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 contains the same design like the other tablet series of the company, save for the back finishing. The built in quality of the tablet is fit for the usual high standards of the company.

Leak points to Surface Mini resurrection, co...

21 July 2014: The surface Mini has had its impartial segment of delays, with all latest rumors which claims that Microsoft has abstracted on its nominal tablet

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