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Nokia's first device after Microsoft is an iPad mini clone that runs Android

21 November 2014: Nokia is now come back in the business of devices in only seven months after retailing its devices as well its services unit to Microsoft for $7.2 billion.

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Tablets need security protection

19 November 2014: As today tablets are becoming the way of life however they are required to be protected. A large number of devices have a browser function

The Nexus 10, Lollipop, and the problem with...

17 November 2014: We all have never been attracted to purchase a massive screen tablet. These tablets are good at many things; however these tablets are too much massive for everything onscreen to be reachable.

Amazon Fire HD 7 review

11 November 2014: Among the advancing choices of apps as well as limitless access to movies as well as music for Prime members, it might create the sense that Amazon would drop the Kindle name from its exceptional series.

Samsung and Microsoft may be planning monste...

07 November 2014: The latest rumors are roaming which states that both Samsung and Microsoft are planning to unveiled the massive 13 inches tablets.

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