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College Students Should Consider Tablets Instead of Laptops

18 December 2014: Whether you are heading back to school or your university is just going to start, you need a digital device for making your assignments or getting involved in your educational activities.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Is The Least Breaka...

16 December 2014: These days’ tablets are becoming more famous among masses in terms of handheld device as compared to the laptops, and have the capability of doing more things.

Gift Ideas: The Best Tablets to Buy as Presents

15 December 2014: If you are going for a holiday shopping then there is a great chance of that someone in your list is seeking to purchase a new tablet this year.

Tablets in 2014: Thinner, better, but predic...

12 December 2014: This year was undoubtedly a very good year for tablets. The normal defendants made better modes of their exceptional models, the crest for "Thinnest Tablet" was worn by 3 various tablets.

iPad Pro release date, news and rumors

10 December 2014: The construction on this scaly foundation, 2014 has seen a smorgasbord of rumors and leaks that are pointing towards the 12 inches tablet being in the works within the Cupertino HQ of Apple.

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